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Barack Obama’s Legacy


Barack Obama’s Legacy

The extraordinary list of Barack Obama’s accomplishments that comprise his legacy.

Appointed the first LatinX judge to the Supreme Court.

Had the most diverse cabinet that has ever served the US government.

National high school graduation rates were the highest they have ever been in th country.

Unemployment dropped from 10% to 4.7%.

There was 82 straight months of private sector job growth, the longest streak of consecutive months ever in the history of the country in which there has been job growth and not loss.

Under President Obama, a rover was put on Mars.

There was the first drop in the federal prison population in decades.

With concerted effort from his administration, homelessness among American veterans dropped by half.

16 countries around the globe gave up every last ounce of their highly enriched uranium, taking away the risk that it could be stolen or misused to assemble the core of a nuclear weapon or to make a dirty bomb.

President Obama convened biannual nuclear security summits for the first time in the country to convince other nations to get rid of their loose nuclear material.

Your credit card company is no longer allowed to raise your interest rate without notifying you.

If you work for a federal contractor they can no longer fire you for your sexual orientation.

The US dependence on foreign oil plummeted.

The nations first Chief Technology Officer was appointed.

Syria’s chemical weapons were certified destroyed under a deal engineered by President Obama.

The US government banned torture by American personnel in all circumstances.

A US embassy opened in Cuba, normalizing relations between the two countries after a half century of a frozen, failed Cold War standoff.

President Obama overturned the ban on scientific research using stem cells.

Upped by billions of dollars the resources available for mental healthcare in Veteran Affairs.

The first administration ever to voluntarily release the lists of people who visited the White House.

The FDA began regulating tobacco, meaning cigarette companies must disclose the ingredients of their products.

Reduced the federal deficit from 10% of the GDP to 3%.

Banks must face stress tests so they can no longer take the whole economy down with them when they collapse because of their own risky practices.

Banks can no longer use your money to make risky bets for their own profits.

The government registry that targeted Muslim men after 9/11 was dismantled by President Obama.

President Obama cracked down on scam for-profit colleges and shut down the boards that fraudulently accredited them.

Solitary confinement was banned for juveniles serving time in federal prison.

Under President Obama, secret overseas CIA “black sites” (prisons) were shut down.

The secrecy order surrounding the return of the remains of US service members was undone.

Now the US government will pay the travel expenses for families of fallen soldiers to be present when their loved ones remains arrive on the tarmac.

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and transgender military bans were repealed, and all combat positions were opened to women.

President Obama saved Medicare by slowing down the growth of healthcare costs.

He saved the US auto industry, reorganized GM & they paid back their bailout money, and American automakers are now among the largest, most profitable car companies in the world, with millions of American jobs.

Tens of billions of dollars that used to get paid to banks for writing student loan programs now go to Pell Grants to help low-income students.

You could not be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

You can’t be charged more for your health insurance because you’re a woman.

Your health insurance cannot put a lifetime cap on what you’re allowed to need because of your healthcare.

20 million Americans got health insurance.

For the first time ever, the number of uninsured people in the country is in single digits. More than 90% of the country had health insurance.

He appointed a record number of women and minority judges.

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